DR. Michèle Pelletier

Dermatologist specialised in morphological and anti-aging medicine, Dr Michèle Pelletier founded the LED Academy and became a reference in the field of photobiomodulation.

Scientific and medical advisor of Lucibel·le Paris for 10 years, Dr Pelletier works on the development of each innovation to guarantee technological and scientific excellence.

“The notion of beauty is based on a balance of light :
in the 21st century it is in energy that we must think”

A career

of passion

Teaching aesthetic medicine in Versailles
Diploma in morphological and anti-aging medicine
Creation and President of the Led Academy
Participation in the pioneering Photobiomodulation conference in Europe
since 2012
Scientific and medical advisor of Lucibel·le Paris

Our questions for Dr. Pelletier

How does photobiomodulation work ?

LED photobiomodulation is a painless and non-invasive physiological process which works by delivering light energy to the skin. Thanks to the emission of different colors in the visible spectrum by light-emitting diodes, we can treat several aspects of our skin: complexion, fine lines, elasticity. More than the color itself, it is the clever mix of intensity and vibratory combination that is most effective.

Our mitochondria : our cellular lungs !

The photons of light absorbed by the mitochondria increase their energy output in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and optimize the release of oxygen for better cellular respiration. The stimulated fibroblasts produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid for boosted tissue regeneration.

What is the protocol to follow ?

2 sessions of 12 minutes at 3 day intervals over a period of 3 months are enough to obtain visible results. It is necessary to wait about 2 months after stopping the sessions for a lasting and optimal result: this is the delayed effect. The effect obtained is maintained by repeating the programme.

Why use red light ?

Red light has been the subject of numerous scientific studies over the past 30 years, particularly in wound healing. It is even used in supportive care and is very safe to use.

What are the dangers of photobiomodulation ?

None. In fact, it is perhaps a revolution in home care.

Photobiomodulation is in vogue, how does the OVE mask from Lucibel·le Paris stand out from other LED masks on the market ?

The OVE mask delivers a specific light intensity to each area of the face, reflecting a detailed study of its skin texture. 1 session of 12 minutes is enough to deliver a very intense power.

How can I optimise my skin before a session ?

By creating a slight irritation by exfoliating, the red light will be all the more effective (inflammation is a chosen target of the red light). Of course, moisturising the skin beforehand is always a good idea.

The red light

Lucibel·le rewrites the cards of the usual beauty gestures, and brings it into a new temporality : the instantaneous coupled with duration.

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