the anti-strech marks effect

Red light to blur stretch marks

Resulting from pregnancy, weight changes, puberty or rapid growth, stretch marks are the result of a break in the skin’s support tissue and affect both men and women.

Red (recent) and white (old) stretch marks are the evidence of these breaks. The red light will stimulate the production of collagen, which will restructure and fill in the tissue.

Just like healing, the red light repairs the stretch mark to give the skin its uniform appearance for a long time. This is also the delayed effect of the Lucibel·le Paris technology.

The red light will also be particularly effective on recent red stretch marks, for the oldest ones, it remains a precious tool.

The earlier they are treated, the better the result !

Boosted cell regeneration

Smoothing of skin and stretch marks

Acceleration of skin drainage and hydration

Visible and sustainable results to maintain

Over the years, the skin stores fat and loses elasticity, leaving stretch marks and orange peel skin on the body.