hair growth boost

Innovative hair growth process

The life span of a hair is 3 to 7 years and its life cycle is complex.

If the hair is constantly renewing itself, it also has periods when it is at the end of its life and will gradually stop its activity, dying and then fall out.

Photobiomodulation allows us to act directly on the pilosebaceous follicles located at the root of the bulb and which host the creation of the hair.

Well-know in particular for its anti-inflammatory virtues, red light regulates the inflammation of these follicles, improves the quality of the scalp and favors the recharging of energy and oxygen in this area.

The hair is strengthened, shine, thickness and volume are restored and growth is stimulated. This action is of course, only effective on existing hair or hair with a living bulb.

This system works for everyone, men and women, and is suitable for all hair types : fine, thick, brittle, natural, coloured, the effects and duration of the protocol can vary according to the user.

Boosted cell regeneration

Increase of hair density

Growth stimulation

Improved hair quality and shine

Visible and sustainable results to maintain

As cell regeneration slows down, the bulb is weakened and the hair loses thickness and quality.

The energy released by the LED lights boosts cell regeneration and stimulates the microcirculation of the scalp cells.

Recharged with energy, the bulb becomes stronger and noticeably accelerates the growth of a shinier, thicker and stronger hair.

Our promise : efficiency and a high performance technology with no side effects