The OVE Mask

Pure White – Matt Finish
1790 €

Designed and developed in France, the OVE Beauty Mask uses the principle of photobiomodulation by red LED light to revolutionize skin care and act effectively on cell regeneration.

By relying on energy mapping™, the OVE Mask adjusts the light intensity according to the areas of the face, each of which has a specific energy requirement.

An object of art and a technological feat, the OVE Mask is the result of 13 years of expertise in LED technology and close collaboration with the scientific community. Designed by Olivier Lapidus, it symbolises the alliance of technology and design.

The OVE Mask is suitable for all skin types. Its unparalleled effectiveness is proven by clinical studies with visible results after each session.

A painless and non-invasive technique, photobiomodulation consists of stimulating your skin cells with light. The mitochondria, the cellular lungs, absorb the light and transform it into energy, by promoting the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Your cell regeneration is then reactivated and allows your skin to regain elasticity and firmness. The depth of your wrinkles is visibly reduced and the oval of your face is redefined.

Red light is the most effective way to fight the signs of aging. It has been used in cosmetic care protocols for over 30 years and is perfectly safe with no side effects.

Clean and dry your face

For maximum results, apply the Anti-Wrinkle Serum 15 minutes before the session

Plug the mask, put on the glasses provided and press ON to start the session

The mask will automatically turn off after 12 minutes, relax, your skin will take care of the rest

Our protocol : You must do 2 sessions of 12 min per week for 3 months, spacing each session by 72 hours for optimal results.

Are there any risks with photobiomodulation ?

LED photobiomodulation is risk-free. It is non-invasive, painless and has no side effects. LEDs are cold lights, so there is no risk of burning.

Does the OVE Mask deliver UV radiation ?

No, the OVE Mask does not deliver any UV rays.

Is the OVE Mask dangerous for the eyes ?

No. The eyes must be protected for comfort, but the mask is not harmful to the eyes.

How long will it take to see the effects of the EVM ?

The effects of photobiomodulation are visible from the first sessions, whatever your age. For long-lasting results, you must respect the number of sessions required in the protocol provided. Each skin reacts more or less quickly but all skin shows improvement.

Can I continue my cosmetic care routine in addition to the OVE mask ?

Yes, in fact it is recommended. On moist skin, the energy delivered by the light is better received and the results are better than on dry skin.

To optimise the effects of the mask, we have developed the Synergies range, which specialises in care using light.


Why choose Lucibel·le Paris ?

Lucibel·le Paris has been THE reference for LEDs in France for over 13 years. Each innovation is designed in close partnership with the scientific community and validated by clinical tests.

Our mission is to enable everyone to benefit from the high-end care with unrivalled performance.

This set contains :

Technical information :

  • Operating temperature: 0°C to +35° C
  • Maximum LED lifetime: 50,000 hours

Materials :

  • Cover : PC, ABS
  • Flexible : PVC, brass
  • Base : Steel
  • Screws : Zinc-plated steel
  • Heat sink : Aluminium
  • Weight : 3.64 kg
  • Dimensions : W 213 mm x L 396 mm x H 611 mm
  • Number of LEDs : 40

Input and output electrical characteristics :

  • 100/240 V – 50/60Hz

Wavelength : 635 nm

Dose : 15.6J/cm2

Power : 40 W