the anti-orange peel skin effect

Orange-peel skin and elasticity : a sublimated skin texture

Cellulite is a genetic condition that is almost inevitable.

It can be located on the hips, buttocks, stomach, saddlebags and thighs or even the knees.

By activating microcirculation, the red light promotes drainage of the engorged areas to reduce the amount of fat contained in the cells.

Acting directly on the production of collagen, red light regenerates the skin’s texture by blurring dimples and restoring a smooth and remodelled appearance.

Boosted cell regeneration

Acceleration of skin drainage and hydration

Reduction of orange peel skin

Visible and sustainable results to be maintained

Over the years, the skin stores fat and loses elasticity, leaving stretch marks and orange peel skin on the body.

The energy emitted by the LEDs boosts cell regeneration and activates the microcirculation of the skin cells.

Boosted and recharged with energy, the skin becomes smoother, firmer and sustainably repaired.

Our promise : efficiency and a high performance technology with no side effects